Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Christian Salesman uses the Good Person Test/Way of the Master

I am not trying to promote the product that is being sold on this website entitled Selling Among the Wolves. I was impressed on that the author almost missed out on a witnessing opportunity. In the article, the author noted that the last thing he wanted to do was witness to the nearby beer drinker on the airplane. It was after being convicted by the Holy Spirit, that the author decided to witness to this man. Not only did this author try to witness to the guy, but in trying to persuade him, he took the man through the good person test. Take a look at the article entitled "Two Beers Please" from October 23, 2008 and the rest of the article here.

In the time that remained, I asked him if he had ever lied, cheated, stolen or committed adultery. While not being specific, he readily agreed that he had done some of those things. I shared with him that we all have done things like that and we all have fallen short of the standard God has. I let him know there was nothing we could do that was good enough to make it right with God, that Jesus came and gave His life to pay the price we could never pay and give us a life we could never otherwise have.

Amazingly, his heart was pricked and I asked him if we could pray with him to receive Christ. After explaining that a little, the three of us took hands and we all three prayed. His prayer was repentant, genuine and moving. As the plane touched down on the runway he became a new creature in Christ, smiling, teary eyed and holding on to my wife’s hand all the way to the gate.

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BrickBalloon said...

Great post! It's encouraging to read how another Christian followed the heading of the Holy Spirit to witness to another. It seems the one thing Christians fear the most is sharing their faith. God is patient, not wanting that anyone should perish, but the signs of the times seem to be pointing to the possibility that may be ending. People can only be saved while alive and God has said we need to share the Gospel. Thank you for this wonderful story about how one man did this.