Friday, October 3, 2008

Obama Caller Seeking Donations

I've posted this story on about two or three different locations (if not more), but I still enjoy sharing it. I need to do this more often and confess that I do not do this enough. This is probably the best way to respond to those unsolicited phone calls that you receive at home with someone asking you for money or seeking your responses to a survey. Enjoy.

For more than two weeks in August, the Obama people had been calling our home looking for a donation. On Friday, August 15, a man was on the phone and asked for my wife. I told him she was not home and he hung up. They called again on Saturday, August 16, and I said I will keep them on the phone. This time it was a woman and she asked for my wife. I said this is her husband. She then started talking about victory in the primaries and the need for contributors. I told her that I am also receiving phone calls from the McCain campaign. Then, I told her I was not committed one way or the other.

I asked her about judicial nominees and she said Obama would pick someone who followed the Constitution (Sounds like I caught her in a lie).

Then, I asked her if I could ask her a few questions. I said, so what do you think it will take to get to Heaven. She said you have to be a good person. You have to be someone who believes in people and someone who believes in animals (huh?). She then talked about how a horrendous person whom she knew was a heroin addict and turned his life around and changed for the better. (nothing about faith in Christ, repentance etc.).

I then asked her if she was going to Heaven. She said, she did not know. I asked would you like to take a test. I referred her back to her good person comment and went through the good person test. Have you ever told a lie? Yes. What do you call a person who tells lies? Human. But would you call a person who told lies? When I was a child I would call them a liar.
I asked have you ever stolen something? She said when I was a kid I stole a comb. What does that make you, besides a Pittsburgh Steeler? A thief. Then I asked her about taking the Lord's name in vain and if she was ever angry with someone.

Next, I said, if you stand before God will you be innocent or guilty. She returned to this whole good person thing. She was really big on "reforming oneself." I then went straight to saying Jesus said that you must repent and put your trust in him. (whoops, I skipped a step. More practice needed).

She complained a little about trusting Jesus and I explained the difference between receiving Jesus and being a false convert. I used a person who prays a prayer then continues to go to strip bars as an example of a false convert. I talked about true repentance and referred her to Psalms 51. I also told her that feeding the homeless or going to a missions trip in Haiti will not save her. I talked about how salvation is a supernatural work and Jesus will change you from the inside.

I ended by letting her know that I appreciated her talking to me. She also indicated that she appreciated what I had to share. And after two weeks of calling my house everyday, the calls from the Obama campaign had ceased.

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