Friday, November 21, 2008

A Mother is Persecuted for Her 4-Year Old's Wisdom

At a blog entitled, The Virtuous Woman, a young mother in the United Kingdom tells the story of how her 4-year old daughter came to the understanding that she cannot be good on her own. The child then told her mother that Jesus can help her become good. See A Four Year Old Who Knows She Needs a Saviour. In the post, the lady relates her excitement over her daughter's understanding. The child understands a lot more than many lifetime church attendees. In Matthew, Jesus quoted from the Book of Psalms stating
Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babes thou hast prepared praise for thyself.
Matt. 21:16. The radical atheists got wind of the young lady's post and started screaming child abuse. Sad to say, England's version of the Department of Children and Families is launching an investigation. Prayers are needed for this young lady and the protection of her family. Prayers are also needed for the atheists that they come to a knowledge of the truth.

I wonder if I need to proceed with caution before commenting on the wisdom of my 4-year old son.


K. David Ladage said...

No... read the post. This woman is abusing her child. Pure and simple. She needs no prayers -- she needs mental help.

tracifish said...

I'm gathering prayer-warriors.