Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parallel Universes?!!

Atheists who rely on evolution can really get irritated when you challenge their views on the origins of life. They will argue that evolution is scientific fact, but have difficult addressing the question of origins. Their thinking goes like this, there was a pond of goo that was struck by something, maybe lightning creating amino acids that formed the building blocks of life. Over time, everything evolved so that we have the life that is walking on the earth today.

Okay. Professor who put the goo in the pond? This is the question that would get the poor college sophomore in trouble with his biology, chemistry, and/or physics professor. In normal settings the professor would proceed to ridicule the student for asking such a bad question.

Dinesh D'Souza revealed that now the atheist professors have a response to students who would dare challenge their views on evolution - parallel universes. This discussion appeared in an article by D'Souza entitled "When Science Points to God." In addressing what evolutionists has termed the "Genesis problem," D'Souza writes:

Science is the search for natural explanations for natural phenomena, and what could be more embarrassing than the finding that a supernatural intelligence transcending all natural laws is behind it all?

Consequently many physicists are exploring an alternative possibility: multiple universes. This is summed up as follows: “Our universe may be but one of perhaps infinitely many universes in an inconceivably vast multiverse.” Folger says that short of invoking a benevolent creator” this is the best that modern science can do. For contemporary physicists, he writes, this “may well be the only viable nonreligious explanation” for our fine-tuned universe.

In other words, the evolutionists reject any role played by God and suggest that somehow we got here through some parallel universe. I guess you can think of evil Spock from the old Star Trek series. So what is next, Space Aliens? If this is the best that they have to offer, there is no need for Christians to be intimidated by their arguments. Paraphrasing something I heard a couple of weeks ago, the more you stare into a telescope or the deeper you look into a microscope the more that you will see the handiwork of God. So, Professor, exactly who put the infinite number of multiple universes in place.

The heavens are telling of the glory of God;
And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. - Ps. 19:1

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