Monday, December 1, 2008

Witnessing to a Muslim Evangelist

After church on Sunday, I stopped at a convenience store to pick up a Sunday newspaper. I’ve been to this store about 4-5 times before and encountered the same cashier. As I reached into my wallet to pay the cashier, there were three million dollar bills waiting to be used.

During my previous trips to that store I did not find this cashier to be very friendly and yesterday was really no different. So staring at the million dollar bills, I decided to take a chance on the cashier.

After paying for the newspaper I asked him, if I had ever given him one of these before. He looked at it and initially laughed and I added, this will help you with the difficult economy. Then, he turned the bill over and I told him, “you have to read the message on the back; it asks if you are going to heaven.” Normally, at this point I would leave, but for some reason, I decided to stand by to see his reaction. At the time, I was in a hurry because my family had somewhere to go at 1:00 pm, it was about 12:50 and my wife was waiting for me at home. Also, my four year old, who was with me, started to get impatient and I motioned for him to wait.

Then the cashier spoke. I don’t remember his exact words, but they were along the lines of you need to read the Mary Sura. Mary Sura? Uh oh, this guy is a Muslim. I should have known better, but the possibility that this guy might be a Muslim did not occur to me. He then started talking about if God could create Adam and Eve, he could also create Jesus. I allowed him to draw me in and I almost proceeded to debate with him. As I was trying to tell him, “the Bible says,” he interrupted me and said, you need to read the Mary Sura. Recognizing where he was going I responded, “which Sura is that” – i.e. trying to get him to identify chapter and verse. He replied, you need to read the Koran.

I responded, I have two things for you to look at that shows Jesus was present at the creation, check out Genesis where it says let us make man in our own image and also Colossians. I could not remember the verse (Rich that is Col. 1:16-20). I then told him that I would come back next week to bring him something to read – i.e., a copy of the Gospel of John. He noted that anything I gave him would not change anything and went back to his comment about God creating Adam and Eve.

As we are having this conversation, two men were making purchases as they listened to my poor effort to witness to this Muslim. I think that one of the men, though not agreeing with my approach was amused with our discussion.

As I left the store, I said so, what is your name. He said Abraham. I said, Abraham, I will be back next week with something for you to read. Before pulling away, I decided to check my glove compartment and found a copy of the Gospel of John. At that point, I told my son to stay here and went back into the store and handed Abraham the booklet.

Although, he had dug his heels in throughout our entire conversation, he did not refuse a copy of the Gospel and he also did not return the million dollar bill.

As my son and I drove off, we had a little discussion about what happened at the convenience store. Yes, I had a conversation with a four-year old about sharing the Gospel, which I found interesting since the children in his preschool class had been learning about John 3:16.

As with other encounters, there are quite a few woulda, coulda shouldas in this conversation. For instance, instead of debating the deity of Christ, I should have asked him whether he knew if he was going to heaven and why. Maybe in the next week or two I can follow-up with him and try to pick up where we left off.

As there are many Muslims, who are receiving Christ, do keep Abraham in prayer.

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Anonymous said...

I'll remember . I give you alot of credit for taking the time to speek with him. I have encounterd the same kind of resistance when talking to muslims . They for the most part are respectful and will hear me out but as you said they dig there heels in. It take much prayer. Its grreat that you haev committed to follow up.