Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Lord is With You, You Mighty Man of Valor!

This is another devotional that came from a friend of mine today. Although the title reads, "God delights to advance the humble," I used the quote from the book of Joshua for the title above.

God Delights to Advance the Humble

When God brings us to grapple with the magnitude of his sacrificing love through his Son two thousand years ago, he doesn't just leave us there. He doesn't have us grapple with his past act of death on the cross alone. He tells us that he is here with us now! That is exactly what God did with Gideon. God was raising Gideon up for his purpose to rescue and deliver Israel from the oppression. Our God is not God of past, but God who is present now! And, it is his presence of God that made Gideon a mighty warrior. (Steve Kim)

Judges 6:12 And the Angel of the LORD appeared to him, and said to him, "The LORD is with you, you mighty man of valor!"

What we fail to realize many times is, there are lots of little ways God can and will use us if we just let Him. You can't put a limit on God, you can't put conditions on Him. He asks us to be faithful in the small things. Those supposed menial tasks aren't menial at all when you are promoting God's work and His word. The battle is waged and we each need to do our part to be prepared. We don't know God's plan or intention when He uses us, but He does. He can already see the outcome, He knows He picked just the right person to do the job.Pray for our countryGracious and loving God, today we praise You for the kind ways You reach to us, initiating and inviting our communication with You through prayer.In God we trust: If God asks, you must be willing to be used of God and willing to say, "here I am Lord, use me", and mean it.

One last thought: We all have fears of various kinds-from worms to wars. Gideon's story teaches us that we can be confident of this: If God asks us to do something, He'll give us the strength and power to do it."I am willing, Lord, use me."

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