Friday, May 22, 2009

ABC's Nightline Asks Does Satan Exist

I have no idea how I missed it, but thanks to the blog Ethos (or ethos) I learned that a couple of months ago, ABC’s Nightline held a debate addressing the question of the existence of Satan (or satan). The panelists include, Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church, Annie Lobert, an ex-prostitute and founder of a ministry called Hookers for Jesus, Deepak Chopra (moan) and “bishop” Carlton Pearson (groan). The blogger, a pastor at a church in Sanford, Florida, highlighted the differences between Mark Driscoll and Cartlton Pearson. The pastor’s blog reads as follows:

Watch Nightline’s Face off “Does Satan Exist?” here. Mark Driscoll, of Mars Hill Church, takes on the self proclaimed enlightened one, Deepak Chopra and Mr. Twisted Scripture, Bishop Carlton Pearson.

I thought Mark did a great job in presenting the Biblical view and account of Satan. He was very articulate, concise and authoritative sounding. Annie Lobert, an ex-prostitute and founder of the ministry, Hookers for Jesus shared about her encounter of coming to Christ after being tormented by demonic forces, an incredible story of redemption.

Chopra spouted out his normal dribble of enlightenment and self deification. Pearson demonstrated yet again why he should be branded as someone teaching heresy and nowhere on the radar of teaching sound, Biblical orthodoxy. Watch the show.

The debate is definitely worth watching. Mark Driscoll and Annie Lobert both stated their positions well. The pastor accurately described Carlton Pearson’s performance as scripture twisting. Poor Deepak Chopra is confused.

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