Friday, May 22, 2009

Need for Accountability Among Christian Men

J. Lee Grady has written yet another great commentary. Grady is the Editor of Charisma magazine and writes a monthly column in the magazine and a weekly column on-line. The strength of his articles include his willingness to tackle controversial subjects and even if his views may be unpopular.

Recently, Grady has written an article addressing the need for Christian men to have meaningful male friendship. In the introductory line, he states “the epidemic of moral failure among men in the church today is directly tied to our lack of healthy relationships. He goes on to say that Christian men need (1) “Pauls,” who serve as spiritual fathers; (2) “Barnabases,” peer-level encouragers who support and challenge us; and (3) “Timothys,” younger men we inspire and mentor. This is a message that my pastor has been communicating to the men in our church for a long time. I have also taken that message and shared it with Christian men outside of our church. Grady adds, “Jesus destroyed the macho myth by demonstrating that the strongest masculinity is gentle and approachable.” There are other great quotes in the article, which is entitled “Meaningful Male Friendship in a Disconnected Age". (Read article in entirety here).

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