Friday, October 16, 2009

Attacking a Gator

Recently, Tim Tebow has been under attack. This is not coming from Nole fan (like myself), or Bulldog fan (like my former roommate and good friend TJ), or Vol fan. Rather, he is being attacked by a group of sports writers who are opposed to him using the football field to speak openly about his faith.

At first glance, I would be inclined to take apart the arguments of the secular sports writers, showing them where they are wrong. After further thought, I welcome their arguments. This debate has created an easy bridge to engage nonbelievers in serious discussions about their faith. Isn't it beautiful to see the secular press has unwittingly opened the door to further evangelism?

For an excellent discussion regarding the criticism of Tim Tebow see Albert Mohler's article "Time to Separate Church and Sports? A New Agenda Takes Shape."

Also, check out the New York Times article entitled "Questioning Sports Evangelism."

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