Monday, August 24, 2009

This Scares Me . .

“This scares me” were the words of a terrified 15-year old girl on Saturday morning, when she realized that she may have to face God on Judgment Day.

On Saturday, August 22, 2009, our church was doing a water giveaway at the parking lot of a local WalMart. Two teenage girls passed by and rejected offers of bottles of water and flyers to our church.

I decided not to give up and asked the girls if they would be interested in receiving a Million Dollar Bill. They accepted the offer and I pointed to the Million Dollar Question at the back of the bill, “Will you go to Heaven?” The first girl said she hoped so. The second girl laughed. I asked why you laughed at your friend. She said I barely go to church. I encouraged them to look at the good person test as they walked away. I overheard the second girl tell the first, no one is perfect. It seemed the second girl was ready to dismiss the message without giving it much thought.

About 5 minutes later, the girls are coming down the parking lot (going in the wrong direction) in a truck. The first girl was sitting in the passenger seat and holding the Million Dollar Bill, she said “This scares me.”

With the girls’ truck pointing in the wrong direction, I told them not to go anywhere. I ran to my car, grabbed a Gospel of John and told the girl that she needs to read this book. I explained that there are 21 chapters and she can read a chapter a day. Meanwhile, one of the ladies from our church spoke to her friend. I told her, that at 15, I was just like her. Disobeyed my parents, etc. etc. After a brief conversation, the girls left.

Woulda coulda shoulda. Looking back, I know I could have done a better job of presenting the Gospel after the girl said “This scares me.” At that point, I could have said, what about the message scares you. Then I could have said, do you know what God did so that you don’t have to go to Hell. And before the girls drove off, I could have encouraged her to repent and put her trust in Christ. Although I missed it, I still believe that she got the message. Notwithstanding my shortcomings, this story shows that the Million Dollar Bill is a very effective witnessing tool.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dan Shock: Brought Close to Death That He Might Live

The following comes from CBMC's website. It is about my friend Dan Shock who recovered from a horrible auto accident three and a half years ago. Since I've witnessed Dan's healing process, it is hard not to get emotional while watching this story. This is an example of CBMC's vision being lived out: 1) the Power of One God; 2) the Value of One Man; and 3) the Leverage of One Team.

Dan Shock Video from Dan Shock on Vimeo.


Daniel Shock, who is the chairman for the upcoming 2010 and 2011 Tampa Bay Leadership Prayer Breakfasts in Tampa Bay, Florida, was hit by a car three years
ago and believed he was going to die. Today, he says, "The Lord has certainly demonstrated His might, love , grace and healing in my life. Praise the Lord!"

The Lord has really turned his life around and used our brother in CBMC to build the kingdom. "I have grown tremendously through Operation Timothy," Dan says. "Most of all, my relationship with Jesus Christ has deepened through my CBMC group of men."

Through leadership training by Patrick O'Neal, the CBMC teams in Dan's area have been working together in different ways. Leader Tom Behrens tells us they are going through The Truth Project in 2-3 YMCAs, working with a YMCA chaplain to put the "Christian" back into the Young Men's Christian Association.