Friday, January 15, 2010

Some Good News from Haiti

The following came from my good friend, Pastor Ken Ackerman. He is our Outreach/Missions Pastor at South Brandon Worship Center:

Thank you Lord Jesus for your faithfulness and protection of those we love.

I have confirmation from 2 sources that all the children in the orphanage are OK. The back wall around the orphanage fell down and there might be some other structural damages to the buildings.

One source has spoke to Pastor Lucien directly and he is OK as well.

I have wept again over this good news. I am overwhelmed right now with appreciation and relief. Thank you Lord Jesus for your grace.

Lord bring healing to the land of Haiti.

Luke 4:18

PS: If you wish to make a donation for relief, please make your check to :

South Brandon Worship Center (Haiti Fund)
4929 Bell Shoals Rd
Valrico, FL. 33596


Liz said...

Following your blog from OK. My parents and other friends in NY have long supported Pastor Lucien and the orphanage and have been wondering about his well being. Heard yesterday that the children were well.
Can you say whether the source you mentioned as having info about Lucien was his brother Dominic or someone else? I understand Dominic spoke with him after the quake, but lost the call and they hadn't heard from him since then. Can you confirm whether he's been heard from in the last day or so?

Liz said...

I am in OK and my parents have long supported Pastor Lucien. My mother received the following email today from Pastor Lucien's son in Florida.
Thought you all would appreciate the update as I have been watching your blog for any news of Lucien and the children.

Here's Luckson's email:
"my name is Luckson Almanord, Pastor Lucien Almanord's son, I have some good new, Pastor Lucien is alive and well, the children of the orphanage are doing fine also, we thank god for this miracle in this great tragedy. from the brief contact i was able to have with him he has told me that they had set up a camp behind his main church in La PLaine which is now occupied by over 3,000 people, right now there is a shortage of water and medicine. we ask that you continue to pray for the Haitian people so that supplies can get out those in need. We thank you for your continued support in this difficult time, once i find out more information I will be sure to update you immediately."

Rich Bradford said...

Liz, Thanks for asking. There are a few pastors in the US close to Pastor Lucien. My information came from a Tampa pastor (Bill Craig) who spoke on the phone with a Pastor Vaughn in Texas. Pastor Vaughn had spoke directly to Pastor Lucien. You can follow Bill Craig here:

My pastor, Ken Ackerman had been trying to call Pastor Lucien since Tuesday.

Also other information is available at:

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your information.