Friday, October 29, 2010

This Is It and South Brandon's Got Talent


Oct. 31 @ 9:15 am and 10:45 am at South Brandon Worship Center
4929 Bell Shoals Road, Valrico, FL
From Pastor Len Harper:
Have you ever been missing something, but you're not exactly sure what it is that you're looking for? But when you find it, you know it, and you say to yourself: "Yes! Yes! This is it!" This has happened to me only a few times in my life: becoming a Christian; meeting my wife Robin; attending seminary; coming to SBWC.

It happened again about three years ago. I thought to myself: "Something was missing at SBWC." People's lives aren't being transformed as God wants them to be . . . then I knew "This is it!" People need "Three Steps to Transformation!" This is what I was looking for to easily explain to others what is absolutely necessary for TRANSFORMATION to occur in their life. Most believers do Step 1 (60 %) - Worship faithfully! Some do Step 2 (30 %) - Grow in small (family) groups. Less do Step 3 (15 %) - Serve their community and church. We need all three! Join us this Sunday, as we look at why Step 2 "Grow in Family Groups" is so important to our walk with God. Invite a friend to come with you!

Oct. 31 Sunday @ 7 p.m. “ South Brandon ’s Got Talent!”

Join us for a fun-filled night of comedy, music, talent show, and . . . well, you’ll just have to come to see the rest. Bring a friend!

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