Monday, August 15, 2011

Jesus Said What?

An intellectual atheist/agnostic has released a diatribe regarding Jesus and scripture. His comments read as follows:

Well, as Jesus said about homosexuality... oh, that's right! He never said a WORD about homosexuality, not one. So how did homophobia become a Christian litmus test for these sex-obsessed fundamentalists? Jesus did say quite a bit about greed, materialism, selfishness, hypocrisy, the importance of paying taxes, and bearing false witness. But who needs to follow his teachings when you commune with him every morning with Fox & Friends?

If you claim to be an atheist/agnostic, how can you comment on what Jesus had to say. If you reject the Bible, how can you use it to state your case on Jesus’ position on a particular subject. Certainly, too much time and effort has been placed on the subject of homosexuality. Still, as a non-believer I hardly think you are in a position to say Jesus never said x, therefore x cannot be true.

If there is any doubt as to the Christian position, consider this, in the opening of the Gospel of John, the apostle writes in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and the Word was with God. Then, we turn to the Gospel of Matthew and see that Jesus affirmed the Old Testament. Jesus said that he did not come to abolish the Law of Moses and the prophets, but to fulfill it. See Matt. 5:17. Thus, he affirmed the moral laws set forth in the Law of Moses, included the so-called slam verses that define certain moral behaviors as sinful. Regarding the New Testament, we have Paul writing all scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. 2 Tim. 3:16-17.

In the mind of the Christian, this means that the Holy Spirit inspired the writers of the Old and New Testament. Even if certain principals were written by Moses or written by Paul, because all scripture is God-breathed means that Moses and Paul, wrote with God’s approval. Further, if a doctrine is approved by God, it was approved by Jesus. I think somewhere Jesus said I and the Father are one.

Next time, the non-believer decides to pontificate what Jesus may or may not have said, perhaps he needs to first develop a relationship with Jesus.

P.S. If you are getting your theology from Huffpo, Fox & Friends, or Think Progress, your problems are too big for me to handle.

This was not my atheist friend's first diatribe against the Bible and sad to say, it will not be his last.

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