Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Pastors Need Our Prayers

Some may not realize that they need to pray for their pastors all the time.  He is the pastor.  He has a direct line to God.  I don't need to pray for him. He needs to pray for me.  In reality pastors have a very difficult job as they work to shepherd their flocks.  Many work late hours, including taking phone calls, answering emails and counseling church members.  While there are superstar pastors that are prominent on television, the substantial majority of pastors are not wealthy.  Indeed, there are some who work outside of their churches during the week to supplement their incomes.  J. Lee Grady has written an excellent column reminding church members to pray for their pastors.  The following is an excerpt of Lee's column:

Often when I speak to a group of aspiring ministers, I greet them by saying: “Welcome to the war.” I also remind them that when they signed up to join the front lines of spiritual battle, a bright red target was painted on their backs. Ministry can be wonderfully rewarding, but let’s not kid anybody: Most of the time it’s a thankless job full of headaches, disappointments, conflicts, loneliness, frustration, petty complaints and tight budgets.
And while we might assume all pastors lead megachurches and drive new cars, keep in mind that the average church in this country has 75 members and the average pastor makes less than $34,000 a year—and  may work an extra job to feed his or her family. The statistics are alarming: 90 percent of pastors work more than 50 hours a week; 70 percent say they don't have any close friends; and 45 percent say they've had to take a leave of absence from ministry because of  depression or burnout.
The rest of the article is here:  Your Pastor is on the Firing Line-Please Pray!

As always, lifting up in prayer: Pastors Len Harper, Brian Jones, Ken Ackerman, Cindy Ackerman, Chuck Ammons, Jeremiah Playle, Michele Playle, and Chris Thomas. 

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