Saturday, December 31, 2011

Greetings from Len Harper at South Brandon Worship Center

Greetings Family and Friends of SBWC,
        I woke up this morning with great anticipation and excitement for the New Year 2012! The Holy Spirit is doing a "New thing among us. He is making paths in the wilderness and streams in the desert places!"  Expect a great harvest in your life in 2012 and in our church! As you celebrate the New Year tonight, dedicate your life, your family, and your church to the Lord. Ask the Holy Spirit to "overshadow you" as He did with Mary, and birth great things through you and through our church in 2012!
Start the "New Year" off right by worshiping in the Lord's House on Sunday morning. We will begin a new message series: "Inspire 2012!"
Also, plan to join us on Monday @ 7 pm for our "Inspire 2012" prayer service, as we pray God's blessing for 2012.  Jesus said:"You do not have, because you do not ask . . . ask and it shall be given to you!"

What is "Inspire 2012!" ? We believe the Holy Spirit wants to "Inspire" us as a church family in "2012" to: 

1. "Read the entire Bible in 2012!"  Through daily Bible readings. The Holy Spirit "inspired" men to write it and is now "Inspiring" us to read it!

2. "Share and Prayer!"  Share family devotions after dinner (read 1 or 2 verses & talk about what it means); and then pray for another family (invite them to SBWC).

3. "Worship! Grow! Serve!"  Eliminate excuses for missing Sunday worship (be faithful!); grow closer to God (join a Family Group!); serve others on mission (volunteer!).

As we commit to these 3 challenges, "Inspire 2012!" is going to be a great year for your family and for our church.  Thank you for the joy of being your pastor. I look forward to sharing this New Year . . . "Inspire 2012!" with you!
Pastor Len Harper
South Brandon Worship Center

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