Thursday, January 26, 2012

Papa Roy Devotional: Bow the Knee, Watch and Pray

Here is another devotional from Papa Roy.  Papa Roy is a mentor for a good friend of mine, Dan Shock.  He compiles these devotionals on a daily basis and sends them out to his mailing list.  Read and enjoy.

A Touch of Encouragement

Ask the Lord today, as you pray, to help you recognize Satan and his ways so you will not be caught as his prey. God will help you identify him if you will only ask Him.

Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh  is weak.”(Matthew 26:41 NKJV)

Peter yielded to temptation because he did not first take the time to put on the armor of God. Peter would have been in a much better position to overcome the temptation if he had first prepared his heart. We spend too much time watching television and not enough time reading the Bible. We spend a lot of time talking on the phone with our friends and not enough time praying to our Creator.

It takes patience to spend the time in prayer. Satan will try to remind you about all the important things that you should be doing. However, if you want to see the victories, you must put aside the things of this world and put on the things of God. Remember that God does not work on your timetable so be ready to wait patiently and not give up until HE gives you the victory. (Anonymous)

 Papa Roy says, true Christians do not have the luxury of complacency. He who said, "Watch and pray" meant both commands because both are emphatically necessary. Watching implies taking notice, carefully assessing, discerning details and trends.

Praying implies reflection, meditation; considering God’s ways, seeking his will, placing the clues we discern by watching into the framework we have seen in God’s word—and arranging as best we can the minutiae of our own lives in harmony with the grand features of God’s design. (R. Kindig)

In God we trust, so, bow the knee watch and pray, and put the weak flesh out and let the willing Spirit in. And watch and see what happens.

Read through the Bible this year: Exodus 1-2, Psalm 26, Proverbs 26, Matthew 26

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Wonderful merciful savior

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