Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why Include This Description in the Bible - A Papa Roy Devotional

Today's devotional from Papa Roy involves the anguish of David.

A Touch of Encouragement

Today, keeping our hearts aware of the inner workings of God’s Spirit in our inner being is an important part of our relationship with God.

O LORD, do not rebuke me in Your wrath, nor chasten me in Your hot displeasure! (Psalm 38:1 NKJV)

In this season of his life David is experiencing much affliction as a bi-product of his sin. The arrow of God that has pierced his heart has touched him. He is feeling the weight of God’s hand upon him. What is essential is that we connect with David’s description of how these things have manifested themselves in his life. David speaks of God’s arrow, God’s hand and God’s wrath but then he goes on to describe what he is experiencing. Sickness, overwhelming guilt, being brought down, and mourning, filled with anguish of heart this is David’s description of God’s dealings.

This passage is a gift to us to help us recognize when God is pressing us to bring us to repentance. God’s discipline is never intended to destroy us. It is rather intended to turn us to Him and to train us in righteousness. (D. Lee)

Papa Roy says, why did God put this description in the Bible? Why does David compare the consequences of sin to being pierced by arrows, being pressed by His hand, sickness, a heavy burden, drowning, smothering and no peace? Because God wants us to hate sin. If for no other reason, the consequences of sin ought to warn us against sinning. The next time you're tempted, look past the pleasure to the pain and learn to say no. Remember what David says in this Psalm. You say, "I'm a Christian. I can sin." No, you can't, because you'll reap the same consequences. God chastens His own, for He wants us to walk in holiness. (W. Wiersbe)  
In God we trust, so, in the agony of guilt David's heart for God drove him back toward God.

Read through the Bible this year: Exodus 25-26, Psalm 38, Proverbs 7, Mark 10
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