Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Prefer Who is Jesus?

The question presented is "What is Jesus?"  My friend, Ely asks that question on his blog and seeks answers from readers.  The comments are interesting and worth reading.  He also presents an answer, via video from a Catholic priest.

Although he asks "What is Jesus," I prefer the question "Who is Jesus" because he is a person.  Indeed, Jesus asked his follower's who do you say that I am.  Peter answered "you are the Christ, the son of the living God."  These are very powerful words in such a short sentence.

In person, Jesus had to be fully man.  This added meaning to his suffering.  If he was not fully man, the suffering would not have had an affect on him. He also had to be fully God.  This was necessary to allow his sacrifice to cover all sins, past, present and future.

Before concluding, I cannot ignore one of the comments that I saw on Ely's page. It reads as follows

It's an interesting way of editing Jesus into something that fits with what Christianity requires. As you say, assuming of course he existed at all..

Alrighty then.  Of course he existed.  Even those who rejected him 2000 years ago acknowledged his existence.  Most atheists today, including the Dawkins himself, acknowledges his existence. Doubting his existence is something new in the atheistic community. What makes this funny is not even the most serious atheists doubt that he existed.

The real question is what will you do with Jesus considering all he did for you.

Go here "What is Jesus" to see Ely's article.

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