Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Do You Know This is True

We had a great day at CBMC on Wednesday morning.  To rewind a bit, on Tuesday we had the TampaBay Leadership Prayer Breakfast.  During the breakfast we heard from Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn whose brief remarks were powerful.  It seemed like Mayor Buckhorn was ready to preach.  I was impressed when he suggested changing the name of the event to the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, which was the name that was used from the first event in 1971 and throughout the years.

Next, we heard from the guest speaker Wally Armstrong.  He told some great golf stories.  He noted that before he became a pro-golfer he spent time as a caddie until he was fired for an oversight in leaving overripe bananas in Gary Player’s golf bag – yuck.  He made a few references to his book, the Mulligan, told several other stories and then went into a nice Gospel presentation.  I am not sure of the numbers, but I would say there was between 650-700 attendees at the event.

Since Wally was the speaker for the TB Leadership …..errr, Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, we have been doing the Mulligan Bible Study.  This morning’s discussion focused on God’s promises contained in Romans 8:31-39.  Those promises include, 1) God is for us; 2) God gives us his Son to die in our place; 3) God graciously gives us all things; 4) God finds us justified; 5) Christ intercedes for us; 6) God makes us more than conquerors; and 7) nothing can separate us from God’s love. 

Now comes the good part.  Besides our usual group of five believers, we also had a visitor.  Earlier in the morning he indicated that he did not attend church.  We also learned that he is suffering from a back injury after falling out of a tree stand while deer hunting.  Because of that injury, he can no longer work.  To date, Social Security has turned him down 18 times.  That is incredible.

As our regular group was discussing the scripture, our visitor, Tim asked to speak up.  He wanted to know how did we know whether any of this was real.  He noted that he recently began reading the Bible, from the Old Testament and it seemed to him that God was mean.  Before I could open my mouth, others in the group started talking to him.  One friend indicated that at one time he was asking the same questions.  Tim then asked does a person who go to church automatically go to Heaven.  Then asked about Hell.  Essentially he asked all the classic apologetic questions. 

After overloading Tim with more information than he probably needed to hear, we pointed one thing out to him.  Read the Gospel of John.  Grab a notebook and make a list of questions.  He really came across more so as an agnostic than an atheist.  We are praying that God will reveal his word to Tim.  Many prayers for him as he goes through the next week and I am looking forward to seeing him next Wednesday to see if he is ready to receive the Gospel.

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