Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review of Austin Dragon's Thy Kingdom Fall

I enjoy science fiction. I am a big fan of Star Trek and Doctor Who, as well as many others. Many Star Trek fans are familiar with the Enterprise traveling to strange new worlds and that Gene Roddenberry created a future in which humans on earth eliminated war, money etc.

In Thy Kingdom Fall, Austin Dragon presents us with a different future for the end of the 21st Century. Although the Americans in this future enjoy the comforts of many technological advances - smart cars, smart houses, smart cities - this future is far from perfect. Certainly, this was not the vision of Madison and Jefferson. While crime has been significantly reduced, Americans have grown used to surveillance drones hovering over their cities.

Dragon masterfully looks at recent history and current trends to create this futuristic setting. Thus, America in the late 21st Century is completely secular, with the population proudly referring to themselves as "Pagans." In the future, the people of faith are the minority with the Pagans derisively referring to them as "Jew-Christians".

The book combines a murder mystery with political intrigue. A major conflict in the book focuses on the tension between the people of faith and the government. This tension presents challenging questions. How should a Christian respond when the government outlaws your Bibles? Should Christians live in separate communities or enclaves when the government is hostile toward you because of your faith? Should Christians launch surveillance and snatch missions that would make Mossad envious?

Austin Dragon has written an excellent book in Thy Kingdom Fall and I look forward to the release of the second book in the series as America moves closer to World War Three.

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